Libera is a nonprofit and registered charity organization in the United Kingdom. We can help Libera in a number of ways so they can continue to provide unique musical education and cultural experience to the boys whilst sharing their angelic music worldwide. 

1. Amazon Commission
Libera receives a small commission when we purchase ANYTHING from Libera CD to Kindle on Amazon. All you need to do is go to the Libera Shop and follow the very simple procedure below: 

In the year of 2010, Libera generated 1,300GPB (approximately 2,000USD) in commission from Amazon sales. We hope to double this number in 2012. Every effort counts!

2. Donation
Just Giving: You can make a donation to Libera through JustGiving. This is best for UK donations as Libera is a registered UK charity group. 

Paypal: You can use your credit/debit card or Paypal to make a donation from anywhere in the world! Visit Libera's Paypal page here.

3. More ways to help
Please see Libera's Support Us page for details.