May 18, 2013

Seoul M&G Pictures

Please do not edit or crop the pictures.
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Ciaran's got an adorable smile! :D 
Sury was standing right near Ciaran so naturally she took more pictures of him.
I don't blame her... he's so photogenic! 

 Cassius is always engaged and enthusiastic :) 

Can't believe Luke is one of the biggest boys now... already!

Happy belated birthday Henry! 
Can't believe he's already 14. Aw... 

What a nice young man Carlos has become :)
My best friend came to the Seoul concert without knowing much about Libera's music. 
Later that day, she messaged me a picture of Carlos and told me this boy was her favorite!

If a 10 year old can be a perfectionist, that would be Ben.
He got those Korean words down really well. I was so proud of him! :)
As we can draw from this radio interview, he's a humble human being too.

Ah, bless Sury and her beautiful digital SLR camera for these. It's been a month since I saw them and it seems that anything Enyu and I ever talk about is how much we miss our darling boys and it's kind of killing us softly. Aw...take me back to April please?