February 23, 2013

House Cleaning

Did some major house cleaning tonight!

I started this blog when Josh was 14. Back then I was almost convinced that he was an angel but that illusion has cleared up at some point and I'd like to think that I've toned down significantly since. But when I look back to my older posts, most of them still orbited around him with a lot of energy that can sustain the international space station for a whole year. While I believe there's nothing wrong with harmless enthusiasm, I do feel that it's time for me to move on.

The reason behind this change is rather simple once rationalized; Josh is an adult now and I'd like to send my support from one adult to another. All my posts were written with a much younger Josh in mind so I think they are no longer relevant. My blog's been around for some four years now so if he were meant to read all/some/none of them, he had plenty of time. Lastly, I am secretly embarrassed by some of my own writings so they can conveniently disappear altogether! hehe.

I'm not resigning my position as a fan so you'll still see a lot of me going forward. :)