May 20, 2012

The Loose Moose Show: Animation Competition




Holy mother of moose.   

I won? I won! Fantastic baby! Thank you my ever handsome and gallant moosters for choosing my animation. Also thank you everyone for your comments on The Loose Moose Show Facebook and Youtube pages and for flooding congratulations on my Twitter timeline. I am simply overwhelmed with joy. I actually led out noises that only dolphins could decipher and broke out in fearless dance on my bed. I can ramble on this forever but I think the making of the animation might interest you more. Here we go! 

I choose one of my favorite childhood toy, Play-Doh, as the main ingredient. I haven't touched one of these since like forever but it really was a great fun to spend a couple hours each day after work. Once the actual making part is done, I lined them up one by one and took mug shots (lol). All the pictures were dumped on Photoshop for edits and Premiere was used to make them bop, hop and pop along the music. There was a small learning curve with Premiere since it was my first time using the software, but think I got the hang of it at the end. I really like the spotlight effect! :)

Each of the "figure" took me about 2.5 hours to make, except for the moose. I'd say the first half an hour was for shaping the body and basic outfit. Then the remaining time was for detailing out their features such as Liam's birthday cake hat, Alex's guitar and Superman shirt, JB's apron and etc. Oh, not to forget their hair. My goodness, the HAIR!! *shudders*

Peter McBarnaby (Josh) was the hardest one to make, mainly because of his epic wigs. I'm not kidding you, I thought my eyes were going to fall out!! I even had an imaginary conversation with Josh, "Why didn't you wear a bald cap sweetie, you would look great in that too... ahhh...." But it was really, really great fun at the end. Not to forget the sense of accomplishment once you're done. :)  

I submitted three different versions (original, disco and spotlight) to give them some room to tweak on their end if they needed. The moosters gave their magical touch and tada- this is the final result. 20-something hours of hard and fun work has paid off. Thank you for your generous reward. I am honored! :)

Episode 3, LETS GO!!