April 11, 2010

Libera in Korea Project

You might be wondering what this was all about ;) Well, I know the answer cuz I also happened to be one of the site admins at Libera's Korea Fan Club, so let me help you figure out what's up. We've planned a series mini projects for about two months. With everyone's time and effort (and money lol), it turned out to be a huge success and a very special memory for both fans and Libera.

1. T-shirt
It says "Libera" in Korean on the front and has the Korean national flag on the back (Designed by Abung). We gave 40 t-shirts to Libera. I really want one too!

2. Rubik's Cube
This is another gift from Abung. Yes, these are Libera Rubik's cubes. She also designed the lovely boxes :)

3. Lucky Bag
This mini project was directed by Mongnee. Each lucky bag has different combination of delicious Korean snacks :) We hope they enjoy munching these on the way to the Philippines.

4. Fan Book
This particular project was directed by Tomanolja. It comes with a bunch of cute little stuff like trading cards and calendars. All handcrafted by her (she is just amazing). A special carry-box for this was designed by Yellgom. Speaking of Yellgom, she was the one wearing Hanbok (Traditional Korean dress) today ;)

5. Fan Album (DVD)
This project is also directed and handcrafted by Tomanolja. The DVD has a bunch of fun and adorable video-letters from the fans. I'm also in this DVD cuz I volunteered as a Korean-English translator. Speaking of which, my part was an epic fail cuz the idea of looking at the camera and talking to myself just threw me off. I'm not even good at leaving voice messages! D: Also my crap webcam made my voice buzzy and robotic. Oh well...

6. Teddy Bear
Last not but least, we have five Libera teddy bears (aka the Libears). I'm particularly impressed with these because EVERYTHING (from bears to outfits) was handmade by the dedicated fans (Ode, Wing, Kung, Hero, Oyoung, Mong, Yellgom and Kuri) who worked on this since the beginning of February. They literally did everything from designing to choosing fabrics to sewing and stuffing. Can you feel their love? You can see more pictures of the Libears here.

On behalf of 1,564 (and the number is only increasing!) members of the club, I would like to say that we are very thankful of Libera for coming back to Korea. It's been three years and words cannot express how excited and touched we felt today. We cannot thank you enough for another wonderful memory. We hope to see you again soon. If you haven't noticed since 2005, enthusiastic welcome is my country's tradition ;)

Kamsahamnida! Thank you! :D