April 16, 2013

Pics and Vids from Ny

Howdy! Commo estas,  y'all? ;) 

Remember the Libera teddy bears and other gifts from the 2010 Korea concert? (read my blog here) Those passionate bunch got back together again in 2013 for these lovely English boys called Libera. As a proud supporter/organizer of both 2010 and 2013 "Libera in Korea" fan projects, I'm happy to share these pictures and videos from Ny, who had a blast working as Libera's guide/translator.

This year's "Libera in Korea" project consisted of two events: lunch and cake. The fan club prepared sandwiches, potato chips and beverages on 4/11 and delivered a special cake on 4/13 after the concert. 

All photos and videos taken with Andy's consent.   

Sandwiches being distributed by the chaperons

So many choices!

Happy peeps 


Thank you message from Michael and Isaac

The special cake with the moose!

Boys with the cake

Lol. Gotta love them!

According to Ny, the boys didn't mind the idea of eating someone's face ;)

Thank you message from Cassius, Eoghan and Kavana

Lastly we had the Gangnam Style (Psy) socks and Korean chopsticks for everyone! 

  • All the fans who came and filled up the venue and everyone who gladly donated for this event. We had exceeded our target amount and was able to do more than what we initially planned! 
  • My fellow organizers HJ, JH and EY for all their efforts. Without them, this project would've fallen apart. An extended thank-you to YR for helping with the gift wrapping. 
  • The most caring and sincere Seoul Arts Management team for all their hard work. They really bent their back to make these concerts successful. 
  • All the volunteers who literally put aside their day jobs to come help Libera. 
  • Last but not least- the most amazing Libera boys and staffs. Special thank you to Mr Prizeman who pulled the aforementioned people together and work as a team. 
Visit the Korean fan cafe here: http://cafe.naver.com/liberaa